red brand canners case analysis - An Overview

Mouth-blown canning jars also infrequently show mildew air venting marks, even through the afterwards mouth-blown era (1890s to 1910s) when Pretty much all other kinds of bottles normally exhibit this aspect (empirical observations).  Why This is certainly so just isn't noted for positive however is most likely because of jar molds using a huge bore measurement, which entailed a significant opening in the best of the mildew, probably letting the displaced mould air to simply escape during parison inflation through the bottle blower (gaffer).

A couple other olive oil bottles made available from Illinois Glass are discovered at the top of web page 207 (suitable site in connected image).  The bottle illustrated during the upper right corner of that web site is usually a type harking back to the "Bordeaux" fashion wine bottle which the business called the "Spanish Olive Oil."  This "wine bottle" form was generally utilized for imported olive oils as evidenced with the bottle pictured to the proper and that is embossed in the shoulder blob seal with HUILE D'OLIVE / JAMES HAGNIOT / FRANCE More SUPERFINE.

Machine-manufactured "sturdy shoulder" sort Mason jars While using the sealing surface area on the bead ledge underneath the threads (not around the shoulder) originated all-around 1909 and dominated the market by the mid to late 1910s.

The 3 spice bottles illustrated to suitable are of the same essential condition as being the pictured bottle; a kind that is rather frequently discovered on U. S. historic websites on the mid to late 19th century.  (Illustrations courtesy of California Point out Parks.)  The bottle into the speedy correct (still left facet in the group) is pontil scarred, features a crudely rolled end, and developed in the hinge mould; capabilities which would indicate a production day within the 1850s or early 1860s.

Dating summary/notes: Relationship of such condition variable type bottles normally follows effectively the manufacturing based mostly diagnostic guidelines introduced all over this Internet site and summarized within the Bottle Dating website page; see that site To learn more.

One of the most generally encountered jars in the bead seal type, created through the initial 50 percent of your 20th century, are the various variations of the BALL / Excellent / MASON jars (graphic to the correct) which were created from about 1913 until eventually the mid-twentieth century in lots of subtle versions together with a handful of square variants (Brantley 1975).  As noted inside of a 1934 ad - "...over three-fourths of all jars in use are branded "BALL"; an indicator of how frequent these jars are (Creswick 1987).  These jars ended up designed in numerous colors however by far the most typical glass coloration is as shown right here - a colour often called "Ball blue."  This unique quart machine-designed jar was generated on an Owens Computerized Bottle Machine which the Ball Brothers Corporation (Muncie, IN.

The following are a few extra photographs/information of other models of fancier sauce & condiment bottles:

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The labeled mouth-blown horse radish bottle pictured to the correct (Image from eBay®) was used by the food stuff packing and preservation problem of E. C. Flaccus & Co. (Wheeling, WV.).  E. C. Flaccus was initial mentioned as in organization in 1898 and operated right up until 1920.  The stag's head trademark was registered in 1907 but mentioned that it were "utilised 10 many years" At the moment (Zumwalt 1980; Caniff 1997).  This bottle has The everyday horseradish condition with the ring at or near the neck/shoulder junction, is rectangular in cross-portion, incorporates a tooled 1-aspect flat sided "packer" end, and was Practically definitely blown inside of a cup-base mold with air venting.

Sq. illustrations appear to acquire mostly disappeared from the early to mid-1890s with some created as late as 1898 (Hagerty Brothers 1898).  All square examples analyzed with the writer have experienced applied finishes indicating this style was uncommon through the mid to late 1880s.

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No less than just one other type of bottle was also created to contain this merchandise.  It was of a unique form (Just click here to discover a comparatively inadequate picture) and experienced a two-portion end that resembles a big crown end which probably accepted some kind of skirted or snap cap.  This design and style almost certainly was used concerning The 2 previously mentioned, i.e., the late 1910s to mid-1920s though may possibly happen to be utilised concurrently with both example.  The variant has the identical embossing sample as the swirled neck bottle nevertheless was only machine-designed on the authors expertise.  Some (all?) examples have a "O inside of a box" mark on the base indicating manufacture because of the Owens Bottle Enterprise (Toledo, OH.

A lesser recognized although major technique for stepping into the house was that canning jars had been also routinely procured via the foods packing trade and marketed to buyers with many food merchandise packed within.  Meals packers "...regarded the value of providing The patron a re-usable residence canning jar coupled with their product or service" so canning jars were also regularly industrial foods containers (Caniff 1997).  Click on the next inbound links to discover an illustration of a LAFAYETTE fruit jar (an case in point is pictured to your significantly ideal within the impression higher than) which was employed by a foods packer for pickles: perspective of the entire jar with embossing in direction of the digicam; look at in the label on the reverse; check out on the bead style complete with no closure.

An additional fairly early identifiable milk bottle design is illustrated via the item pictured to the ideal.  This modest, 50 % pint milk (probably cream) bottle is embossed on The bottom with EMPIRE / PATENTED AUG. 13, 01.  Click Empire foundation to watch the noted embossing.  This mouth-blown bottle incorporates a tooled, "capseat" accepting, one-component "milk bottle" complete (click near-up with the shoulder, neck and finish to discover these with the important characteristics pointed out) and was blown inside a cup-bottom mould.  In addition, it displays no clear proof of air venting which can be uncommon to the period it had been created, i.e., 1901 to quite possibly the early 1910s.  This particular design and style Along with the distinctive inward taper with the heel - called a "bowling pin" form by collectors (the greater sizes a lot more resemble a bowling pin) - was patented by Charles Nightingale and assigned to the Empire Bottle and provide Organization (Big apple, NY) around the day pointed out on The bottom.

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